The Real World

Love hurts in the real world,
it twists and pulls 'till life's unfurled.
Eternal love for my half paternal,
lights a searing pain inferno.
A love never satisfied,
and still yet can't be denied.
Endless burning that can't be quenched,
in your wisdom rises the stench,
of past mistakes and could-have-dones,
it makes me wonder if there ever was one,
that fought the fight and was free,
of all the things that torment me.
Slow erosion as the rain falls,
it slowly washes away the walls,
that I have built to protect,
my heart in the center stands erect,
made of glass that too often tumbles,
that dodges rocks and often fumbles.
Only so much left to shatter,
before turning into petrified matter.
What happens when there's nothing more,
nothing left but an iron core?
Cold and clammy to the touch,
all that's left isn't much.
Does that snap too or eventually break?
All that remains is my soul to take.

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