The reality of cancer!

I have bombs in my head, I want to be dead,
I won't lie, I want to cry.
I'm not shy to express how I feel, sometimes I think my
nightmares are real.
It's not fair I live in a chair, life is cruel,
but I'm no fool, I've had enough, it's so tough.
But I've got so much more to live for.
I wish I could go back to the past and make the good
times last, to when before I got sick,
because life is a trick.
I don't know what my future will be,
how did this happen to me?
I don't want to have treatment anymore, I want to walk
out the door, I'm sick of xrays and MRI's,
I'll admit it I'm not gonna tell lies, I'm sad to say
it has to be this way or I might go,
but what the hell do I know?
I'll tell you a thing or two, this I hope it comes true
I just want my legs back, I wish this was all an act.
I am a burden, of this I am certain, I have a fear,
I'm not sure I should be here.
Is what I'm doing worth it, do I deserve it?
One day when I'm not here, they will take a look back
at this poem and maybe they will find I just want to be
happy, but no it is not so, not for me,
I just want to be free!

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