The Reaper, a Poem of the Broken

No soul to speak of no feelings to feel
I've gone beyond what I ever imagined I could
No regret, no pain, no sadness to speak of
The reaper has sent me and I am here to collect
All that I want is to feel, the missing piece of life
There is a feeling there, pain
Pain causing the emptiness that consumes me,
If it ended when it should have would I still have this
Would the monster have taken everything bringing only darkness
The darkness is seeking only pain nothing more
Forever it seems I will be this
I will be this monster
Consumed by emptiness feeling nothing but pain
I died in war, my soul has left me
I am an empty vessel that is searching to fill the voids left behind
I close my eyes to only see death
The black sky above and dead at my feet
The reaper telling me that I will be next
That my time is already past
And that he will reclaim what he left behind
Taking my soul in the alley of death, punishment and the pain are what I received
From a fight never ended, my soul has gone and empty is what I am

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