The Reason

He'll never know the reason why
I cried myself to sleep
He'll never know the hurt I felt
Within my heart so deep
He'll never understand my pain
Or what he did to cause it
Because he never truly cared
Just took my heart and tossed it
When he held me in his arms
I knew he was never holding me
Thought only of those other girls
Never knew how I could see
I always felt guilty for saying no
To anything he would ask for
Made me feel not good enough
Always believing he deserved more
How could he so easily
Look in my eyes and lie
I gave him all I had to give
Even when I didn't want to try
I always felt so lonely
Gazing into his blank stare
But he was the only one in my life
I knew would always be there
He broke my heart into pieces
Yet his guard was always risen
I never had the chance to hurt him
Our one sided love was a prison
It took me leaving
For the truth to be shown
He finally revealed
What I've always known
He never loved me
The way i loved him
The light in his heart
Continues to dim
I am moving forward
Out of love I fall
Now filled with regret
For ever loving him at all.

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