The reason why

By Terry Knight

I was asked to make a list
Of fifty reasons, why, I love you
I sat and thought it out
It was such an easy task to do

Coming up with things like your beauty
Those seductive eyes and silky hair
And the things we have in common
Such as the goals and plans we share

Your intelligence completely overwhelms me
A woman full of spirit and drive
Always will to go the extra mile
To keep our love alive

Always open to suggestions
Taking time to see things through
Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s
Is just something you naturally do

Bing attentive to my wants and needs
Constantly alert and full of charm
Never slowing down or saying a thing
You think would cause me harm

You satisfy me completely
In each and everyway
You’re the answer God has given
To the prayers that I pray

Not to mention the way you cook and clean
And how you take care of our home
The fact that I totally trust you
Although for now you’re all alone

There’s a confidence about you
You’re the one in whom I confide
I feel I can pour my heart out to you
For from you I have nothing to hide

My lover soulmate my best friend
For eternity, you are my life
We are the two souls that became one
In the union of a man and his wife

You ask for fifty reasons
But one will have to do
The reason is this simple
I love you because your you

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