The Reason

The reason her pillow dampens with drops of melancholy every night
The reason she feel perpetual lethargy
The reason she never wants to never leave her sheets
The reason why everything outside her door, she dreads
The reason she stares in the mirror at a now unrecognizable figure
The reason why she feels her visage is an unsightly imperfection
The reason why she shrinks against the indifferent walls
The reason she hangs her head as she stumbles through the corridors
The reason she's omitted and ignored
The reason only her facade is acknowledged
The reason why she shuffles listlessly about life
The reason why her hindrances follow her about like a daunting shade
The reason her once brilliant eyes are now dull and vacant
The reason she's petrified to unveil her nearly obscured soul
The reason she flinches when wandering fingers trace too close
The reason she shrouds herself in disesteem and insecurity
The reason why she screams, yet only silence trickles out
The reason why no one notices nor cares
The reason why they only perceive a forced grin
The reason they will never fathom it
Is because it's all in her head

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