The Reasons Why


The fingers of time slowly turn each page,
My heart and soul aches with a slow burning rage.
I wonder if my mind will ever calm down again,
I lay my head against the window listening to the rain.
The thunder rumbles across the darkened skies,
It feels like it's coming from deep down inside.
Who knew this many years would go by,
And a flash of memories could still make me cry.
Just when I think I have conquered the pain,
It hits me square in the face like splatters of rain.
I hear the painful heart wrenching cries,
Realizing slowly it was coming from deep inside.
I turn my head to watch the falling rain,
Looking thru the darkness at all of this pain.
One small step forward and a sliver of peace,
Then a gut punch makes all the air release.
Sobbing I slowly turn my head from the window,
And walk towards the bedroom ever so slow.
Another sleepless night lies ahead of me,
If only I could understand and maybe see.
See the reasons why things happen like they do,
And understand why God had to take you.

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