the red pill

This is the flavor
and ill try & be your savor
cherry flavored life candy cane waiver
signatue here
ill be that medican man
who finally has a plan
calling the kettle black
it makes all the haters
fall to the floor,
but I still find themselves
asking for more
Smoke it down
move around
i came prepared
now you don't gotta be scared
because this dirty blonde
is ridding
heart is fawn
its even pounding
a lighter hue
but you know me
and my boys are few
but with me & my team
we always got the spark
even when things don't work
out & you gotta find yourself
a way out of the dark
Slowded down
gotta go back to the past
rolled down let that smoke out
no ones gonna last in here
hot box
reaching for the top
if good things are far
glistening like a veneer
moon wanders when the sun goes
its to a place that is sincere
like in my heart
that it is easy torn apart
rescue net
secured on a fragile life vest
and i decided to jump
unlike the rest
to beat this hell
& be the best
and call this so called life
an easy test, straight A's
but hey
were not supposed to know all the answers
despite repeated lectures
beatin into my head
like a blacksmith with scolding hot lead
you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink
the least i can do
is try to make you think
whishing for those better days
to be here forever & stay

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