The Redwood Statue


The Redwood Statue
You sit there staring my Lady
What do you see
My weathered face
My hands clutching my pipe
or is it my eyes
I long to speak to you my Lady
Do you feel my presence
Do I haunt you
or am I a comfort
Now the image of a seafaring man
I exist forever
But I feel, not what you see
Once, I was a Giant Redwood
High up on a mountain
Seems so far away now
Once, life within me flowed
and I held fledglings in my hands
No more
The ax of prosperity
Like wounded sparrow fell
My limbs cutaway
My body sectioned and left to dry
Oh my Lady
What things we are
Once God's creation
If only I could touch you
What? a tear
No need to cry for me, my Lady
I am, what I am
No more, no less
I feel no pain
and unlike you
I shall never die.

By Joyce E. Potter

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