The Refusal

glittering streets, paved of gold
angel wings, firey swords
all these things
untouched by words
and as he stands
by her side
he whispers his words
a gleam in his eyes
if I share with you
the secrets of time
will you but promise
to always be mine
and she sees
such lovely things
gates of gold
and rubies so red
emeralds and diamonds
do a dance in her head
so very tempting
with his warmth so near
suddenly it all
seems to be, right, there
then she stops
voice strong, clear and concise
as she speaks, her gaze holds his eyes
all of it looks
so very tempting
but I see there are pieces
to this puzzle you are missing
I am not a woman
happy with half
I want it all
and whatever lies beyond that
I refuse to cast
my pearls before swine
your words may be sweet
but they are layered with rhymes
in your beauty
there is no grace
your gold may be shiny
but with arsenic it is laced
you may hold knowledge
but you hold no wisdom
your words are little
with out true intention
he continues in his struggle
to stand by her side
and once again
she looks him, deep, in the eyes
again she speaks with strength,
clear and concise
your offerings are but ashes sir
and I promise you this
I will never be tempted
by hollow words
full of emptiness
can you not leave
when you've been dismissed
your truth is but half
I desire none of it
your kiss may be sweet
but the after taste is bitter
my skin is left cold
by your empty touch
my soul will never be sold
its worth too much
I seek to know all
the rhyme and the reason
I see there are pieces
to this puzzle you are missing
not a woman happy with half
she walks off
forever seeking
...what is wholly of worth...
is her intention


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