The Remedy

If you read this poem I hope these words are potent.
So if your world seems hopeless simply read this potion.
I'm aware the world's cold, it's an Arctic ocean,
And I'm on the Titanic, but the boats not floating...
Let that sink in..
Cause these past few days I have been thinking.
When the boat was afloat I wasn't even sleeping.
So on that note I was never really dreaming.
All of my effort was in fighting my demons.
Imagine my grievance when I was unable to see them.
If they're invisible, they're invincible cause how will I reach them?
Now I'm sitting here miserable cause I will never defeat them.
The pattern's repeating, that's how I know I can't win.
But this battles deceiving, cause it's one that's within.
It's in the blood in my veins, the flesh under my skin.
It's on the hood of my brain and it's seeping right in.
I can only stop it's progression with every line, every sentence.
I build words up like a weapon then use them for protection.
They may try to ignore, but they can not neglect it.
All demons hate when you talk about heaven.

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