The Remoseful Choice

In the realm of Mr. P, an unusual chemistry,
Where truth and knowledge dance in perfect harmony,
He commences his class with a stern, realistic talk,
Guiding his students through life's winding sidewalk.

"Listen close, young minds," Mr. P begins,
"For reality is not always filled with wins.
Life showers you with choices, aplenty,
But only three shall we discuss today, quite hefty."

As bright-eyed teens, you stand at the crossroad,
Eager to embark on life's demanding code.
Choice one, dear students, breathe it in,
The allure of success, where dreams begin.

A thriving path if ambition you chase,
To conquer the world at a fiery pace,
With unwavering determination and might,
Success, for some, shall be a radiant light.

Choice two, my students, heed it with caution,
A path that leads to a world of misfortune.
Behind the bars of a jailor's domain,
A choice that yields naught but remorse and pain.

Beware of temptation, my wise young souls,
For you control the paths your life unrolls.
From the depths of darkness, find your way,
To forge a brighter future, day by day.

Lastly, dear students, choice three now awaits,
A somber notion, yet a lesson it relates.
To leave this world prematurely, oh so early,
A path that causes hearts to ache and burden us dearly.

Seek solace, my pupils, in friends and kin,
Embrace the support, let life's struggles thin.
Remember, within each of you, a flame does reside,
That love and strength will help you confide.

So, in Mr. P's class, an unusual chemistry,
Where choices are dissected with profound clarity,
Do not underestimate the power you hold,
To shape your destiny, courageous and bold.

Choose the path that invites success sublime,
Steer clear of jail's walls, for it means no time,
And cherish the gift of life's precious embrace,
For in unity, we shall conquer and find our place.

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