The Renter

Walking through the house, Not even sure of where I stand.
How can I call this home, When I don't even own this land.

I'm thankful to the landlord, For allowing us to stay.
But I can not lie to myself, I don't like living this way.

The neighbors are friendly, And the kids love to play.
But the money each month, Is just given away.

Calling and calling, We need a home loan.
Denied, Denied, I just let out a moan.

I can't help but think, Will we ever get out,
Of this renting, never owning, I can't help but doubt.

We work hard each day, and never move ahead.
Living paycheck to paycheck, And never speaking of the unsaid.

One day we may own,
Our very own home.
Until then we will love,
Until we rise above.

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