The repercussions of You

Tonight is different. Raindrops play a tune at my window that covers my pain in idyllic melody. I awake to find myself, by myself... My mind drifting off to memories that will never be. I shudder at the icy cold that gripples beneath my blanket; my hand reaches for you, but slowly coils back, as I realize you're not there. I sit up restless and light my cigarette, it burns as slowly as the ache in my chest, and I think about what morning will bring. You left days ago, without warning; the smell of you left a hue of color across my pillow. I hold tightly, carefully as I imagine the lining of your face, the curve of your lips... The way we kissed so passionately that the even the rain stopped to get a view. The ripples and waves of the love these walls have seen, could create a almanac of how to love so fiercely. This little space has gotten of taste of countless orgasms that made time stand still, feverish kisses in the midnight hours, and hesitant goodbyes spread across the tile floor
I tiptoe across this space, my mind transcending to future with you that was never real. I flick the ashes and don't care where they land, my heart begins to crumble like quick sand, and i struggle to stand. Your towel hangs across my chair, I stare at it so clearly, breath in the scent, begin to reminisce, but my mind says goodbye this is it; what was once yours, has become what was borrowed, my gentle footsteps whisper around this space as though its unfamiliar without you here. The cold is getting graver outside, and the fog covers the night sky, just as I attempt to make dissipate, my mornings fate. Tomorrow will b surreal, because it will all be real, no memories, no what will bes, no harmonies or melodies. All that will be left of you and me, is me. I decide that sleep shall be great escape to futures untold, that's where you and me exist freely, our love spreading across continents, making coconut juice taste like fine wine, and time being so line with the tune that we play together. When i open my eyes, then I'll realize goodbye was imminently, disguised in many I loves yous along the way
Ill let the day present what it will, time no longer stands still, and the knock that I long to hear is silent upon my ear. I whisper to myself, he's not there... The strenght in my says to break completely free, for morning will be my chance to conclude what was never meant to be...

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