The Reputation

Scars are deep
Deeper than the next generation
The fact that the word called worth is lacking
The weakness of the mind
Which involved the soul to ache
The heart to wound with your disregard feelings
An action with an action set my world on fire
My cry for help never once heard of
The take on that the force of Life sat upon when the question was ...
Did I demand this ?
Life didn't chose me
It crept upon me
Knocking on a door ,my particular door
Not knowing the mystery behind it
The unknown actions you will take
Scares may appear
Fears you may gain
Friend's you may lose
Tear's you may drain
The hearts you may break and the love in between
Including yours
Life is your juror are you found guilty or instance
I would not could not give up my structure to fit yours
One's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.
I am woman, that's on a verged to break but
I bend but I do no break...
to think any differently would be your biggest mistake.

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