The Restoration of My Soul

I stand here before you a soldier for Christ
but this wasn't always the flow of my life
Many days have buried behind a mask of deep sin
trying to kill what was left of a vulnerable love still within
Adding bricks to the walls I was building so high
so the one brokenhearted never again would be I
In the glass arms of transparent men many sins did abound
in the search for a love that refused to be found
Then the sin of material desires in life
flip that almighty dollar but never think twice
Of the cost to my spirit for that silver and gold
for how shall it profit to gain the world and forfeit your soul
Some sin drew me near to temptation through lyric
but my God has put a new jam in my spirit
It's the song of deliverance from the past things I've done
for victories in battles the devil told me couldn't be won
You see in the vital moment of a blessed night came a stranger
in my midst telling me it was now time that I become his
A call different from those of so many before
who'd kept pieces of my soul but He'd come to restore
This God never acknowledged now called me by name
who's love promised to free me from the web of my shame
How could you want ME Lord, don't you SEE how I'm livin?
He said follow me child, let your sins be forgiven
There are times I still stumble, but He pulls me back up
And I've learned that the strong man is he who BEARS love
I stand here before you, a soldier for Christ
Where He leads I now walk by my faith, not my sight

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