The Return Of The Favor

Slow drops of acid to your skin.
Scissors separated to each eye.
Foil wrapped around your dick,
what should I fire up tonight?
Your sight is bleeding blind,
but there's more to this sickly mind.
And I will take my time.
I will fucking unwind!
Shoving screws down your throat,
now choke on that!
Tonight I'll get what I want,
now squeal about that!
Hey, overweight pig -
Pathetic apologies limp,
fuck that shit!
You've now become the little bitch,
as you are screaming high pitch!
Take one.
Take another!
More rectum weapons have become my lover!
Tell me, how bad has your asshole been stretched now?
No, I don't give a damn if you want out!
Ohhhhh shit!
Helllll yeah!
Pathetic little bitch!
I think I've found the right area!
Bleed, Motherfucker bleed!
A celebration of abrasions!
The unstitching to your seams!

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