The return of the poet

Having been away so long,
my heart rejoiced
as I clutched the feather
in my hand lest it flies away.

I have returned
to conquest the popular opinions
of the masses
enslaved by their masters.

No longer
shall you be deceived
by a government document
stamped with false authority.

Get up off your knees,
untie your hands
and wash the lashes of red ink
from your back and your mind.

Taste the freedom of the truth
written and accentuated
with bold endeavour
on the white parchment of release.

This is the truth of life
written in ink
where your identity boasts
to rise again from inequality.

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Key Words : Returned, conquest, enslaved, deceived,false,freedom, inequality

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This Poems Story

The poet returns to the site of his beginnings. He discovers that things have changed for the worse. In South Africa, another type of oppression and discrimination has sprung up. One of these is freedom of speech. The poet sets out to fight for the rights of the people of South Africa using only his pen and a grim determination.