The Revolution

Oh, My perfidious bride, your empty praises cannot begin to hide
The hideousness of your persistent sin-
Taking in uncircumcised religions, dressing them up on the outside
To look like they're obeying the words that I have provided.
You've begun to idolize your services instead of your praise;
Divide yourselves over baptism or just being saved,
Spread condemnation instead of grace.
Stop all of the pretending! For I know your soul's true face.
You'd rather spit on a sinner when you should be washing his feet.
Oh yes, My intolerant bride, you are steadfast in your beliefs;
But there are other ways to get My word to the world
Without causing chaos in the streets,
And condemning every homosexual and atheist you meet.
Get off of your feet and down on your knees!
Allow My glory to scream in every breath that you breathe!
Oh, My unfaithful bride,
Is it your religion, or is it Me?
Are you imprisoned, or are you free?
Will you lock and seal your fate with closed-mindedness and hate,
Or will you accept the keys to Heaven, called My mercy and My grace?
Will you continue to daily crucify Me with your denial,
Or will you ignite your life with My Bible
And set fire to everyone around you
In a revolutionary revival?

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