The Rider

The story told
Of things of old
Things that knew
That far too bold
Yet still so cold
That no one knew
The rider with No Name


Sally forth thru yonder fields of hay & grain
Rode forth the rider with No Name
Who - cast out of the saint’s domain
Was not quite the shadows claim

Battling the bitter taste of sorrows from the war
Lost in time, a sad demise, No Name - a rider scorned
The light won’t keep, the dark take not, and death shall do no good
To die, so sweet! But life won’t leave so No Name wanders on

Serving God and goddesses, demons, the Devil
No Name’s purpose: yet be found
To wander and please, to serve, to seize
The moment those send, the point whom they seek

Called again by Lords & Might
To do the work of time’s demise
That death could find no sweet reside
In summer tides or harvest time
By the rider with No Name

But also called by Dark & Hate
To work a much more sinister fate
To seek the life, to kill & End
The rider with No Name

At a time of perfect shine
Of beaut’ous tone’s that could not buy
But cursed to morn of times gone by
To long for death, for Death to die

Yet man, with power out of grasp
With will, the fate that claimed
Like Pharaoh stood his ground on high
The rider with No Name

Through light or dark, and heat or hell, yet No Name conquered all
But to the end, it was free will, his all-consuming fall
Not bigger men nor grander things could yet withstand the squall
To that hush that came to crush, the rider with No Name


‘Twas the end that Named
The rider that came
From end to end
From start to fame
But no one knew
The rider with No Name

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