The Ringing

It happens after every unexpected explosion,
Every time we forget to cover our ears,
And when it happens we can feel the erosion
Brought on by the bombs that cause so many tears,
Everything is chaotic as far as the eye can see,
But as far as the ear can hear,
Everything is calm,
No wind is blowing,
And no birds are chirping,
No sound at all,
But the soldier still sees his bloody palms,
And it is in that moment,
And that series of events,
That he realizes he'd better duck if he does not want a skull dent
So he picks up his gun,
Gets back in the fight,
And takes down two men before his ears hear the light
So as his focus returns to normal,
His heart burns with aggression like hot oil,
So he goes after them like maggots on meat spoiled,
And all to show that he is till death loyal,
And it makes him value that much more the bell when it rings,
And the birds when they sing to you after a second helping,
All because of that eerie sound clinging,
The lack thereof,
The sound of the ringing.

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