The River

I once met a pair on the riverbank
One as old as the river itself
And one as young as the tadpoles that play in it
As I sat to fish I overheard their words

They were talking of life and the river
The younger asked the older
"Where does this river go?
To myself, I thought it a silly question

But the old mand pondered over the question like the methodical current
"It leads to forever"
Said the old one
"Where is forever?" Asked the younger

To him, the old one responded,
"Do you see where the yonder mountains touch the sky?"
"Where the horizon melts into the ground?"

"Yes," said the young one
"That is forever." Said the wise one
"And just as the river winds through the valley
and through the forests and over rocks, life follows suit."

"For once one winds through the valley,
Flows over the rocks and the logs,
Traverses the forests,
and braves the rapids,

There they will find forever,
there they will find bliss."

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This Poems Story

This poem is about coming to terms with life's frivolities and going into death with an appreciation for the long life you have lived.