The Road

They were on the road, abandoned and alone
Waking to the ghostly cold, enough to crack the bone
They were on the road, together and alone
Always moving but what else could they call home
People on the road. Face down don’t look
Terror in his eyes. His whole body shook.
Are we going to die? Sometime. Not now.
I wouldn’t survive without you anyhow.
This is my child of beauty and goodness
But he would never hurt anything, he cries at the thought
And always wants to help the stranger
Even with all this horror he’s been taught
One day we found everything. Come down, wait till you see.
A heaven from a vanished world right here for you and me.
Utensils in a plastic box, canned goods on the wall
A few days of safety and then the road will call
He thought he had died, thought the boy an angel
God are you there? Is your soul in despair?
Men hardly live, how can gods fare better
Me and him are the good guys, we are surviving
But in my heart I can feel you dying.
From daydreams on the road there is no waking
In his mind the haunting past of little children playing
But the old word is forgotten, that you must remember
So all that’s left to do is walk the road forever

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Tags : #theroad #trauma #surviving #apocalypse

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