The Road of Success

Oh yes! The road of success is tiring and long.
But all the way, the destination motivates you like a pleasant song.
Oh yes! The road is paved with burning coal,
But it's worth for all the satisfaction it gives to your soul.
Oh yes! There are challenges all the way,
But achievements are never served to you on a tray.
Oh yes! It deprives you of the pleasures of life,
But the sweetest honey is found in the most dangerous hive.
Oh yes! It is difficult to attain,
But your hard work will never go in vain.
Oh yes! You will find many boulders on the road,
But the joy of your heart will lessen the load.
Oh yes! It will put you in a tough mould,
But it will make you bold.
Oh yes! Sometimes, you may feel sad,
But never mind, soon it will make you glad.
Oh yes! To continue on this road you'll have to leave all that's bad,
But in return it will give you pleasures more than you had ever had.
Oh yes! You'll have to join as an apprentice,
But soon it will turn you into a masterpiece.

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