the road to find me

When I see the road of faith

I turn to cry

My belief of happiness

Turns to my darkness

Everywhere I turn there is a path

One path, is pain and suffering

The other, is freedom

I can’t be who I want to be

The sea calls me down to fill

The heart, that cries of wonders

I die of with nothing for me

Path of pain and suffering

Will end me, going to the wrong side

No fun, no care, alone, I am standing

Murders of dreams and hope goes and hunts

For the end or happy is my future to see.

Path of freedom

Is different from the other path

I will have fun with friends that cares

But I am still go to the wrong side

Dreams and hope still dead and hunting

But my future is still my end, no happiness for me.

My abilities turn with these path

Path of pain, I will be smart and somewhat successful

Path of freedom, I will be stupid and dead

Which way do want to go, how do I choose

My mind so mixed up

Heart is pounding

Why can’t a devil or angel come and help me

To see

The real life I want to deserve

And not a life of fantasy

The choose is still there undecided

And I am still mixed up

But that is how my mind is

Crazy and confused

That me

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