The Road to Nowhere

The road is long that goes to heaven
But longer is the road that leads to nowhere.
To rise we need only the Lamb’s leaven
And the tears of saints with their scars to bear.
But the road to nothing, paved in dust,
Starts where the traveler stopped his cares
And wandered the hollow road of lust.
There are no signs to say how far to there
Or where’s here, only the empty drone
Of feet on a road that never leads home.
The road to nowhere only ends
For the few that stop on the tracks
And, turning to ascend
They place nothing at their backs
And find relief from their earth cares.
Aiming at heaven from nowhere
They rejoice and tell all on the right path
how on dust they walked and walk no more.
But their past, carved in stone still talks
of the nowhere they now abhor.
"Wise is he", they say, "who turns his back on nowhere.
But wiser still is he who hath
Kept his promise to never go there."

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