These brings back the reminder of pain
A long lonely road, crowded by hate
To the left is nothing left to see
Over the valley are deadly scorpions that stings like memories
Overwhelming wishes, flying high never reaching its goals
To the right was what appeared to be righteous

With subtle intent, railed in the desires for passion
Strong willed, and yet vulnerable to change
If change was a good thing, then why lose everything but hate ?
Why disguise to be good and lead the heart to bait
Like a ram at the slab, all that is left are pieces of the heart
A saviour to all rest soulless in the comfort of death

Cold blooded like a serpent
Memories of pain so vivid, the more the less
Addicted to the future, corrupted by the past, the present…
If the present is unknown and the pass seems lucid but in hate
Let the future hold itself, the past would provide better clement
If heaven has a heart, his salvation should be imminent

Lest the bridge would listen to his tale
Like every sad ending the oceans would accept him
A funeral home would sing hymns and tears will land on his dirt
If his salvation is imminent, it better be to correct the corrupt
Fill the blank present with a present
And fulfil his addictions with a future so great.

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