The Roads of the Sky

I look, from my window one night into the sky.
the wonders i saw, keep twinkling my eyes.
i saw the moon in its full bloom
throwing the brightest light, there is into the world.
for me this was history,
but i guess, this would always be, a unsolved mystery.
as the clouds roll by, they made different patterns and designs.
there were moments, when they stood still, and then moved
again, some what in a hurry as if they were saying goodbye.
as i look at the stars,i keep wondering and thinking.
to me, they look like children.
thousands, and thousands, of little children, out there
deep into the blue sky.
as they kept, blinking and twinkling, i got the feeling,
that they were talking to each other.
talking about, the ups, and down of life in the sky.
maybe, i was dreaming that night, while looking into the sky.
well, wrong or right, i think that the sky,
will always remain a mystery, as life comes, and life goes.

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