The Rock

The rock juts to the sky
higher or lower with the tide.
When the sea is calm, the rock is evident,
Majestic in its strength.
The water touches it gently.
The rock is strong;
Unlike the water, it does not move.
Over time, the water is emboldened.
The stillness of the rock suggests weakness.
One storm, then another.
The water overtakes the rock; hides it.
But it has not gotten smaller, nor has it disappeared.
It will rise again when the water ebbs.
Birds will roost.
The sun will dance across its surface.
Again, it will be a beacon.
Remember it.
Because the storm will return.
The water will rise.
Perhaps not so high this time.
Maybe higher.
But the rock will still be there.
It will jut to the sky.
higher or lower with the tide.
Fret not.
The rock is always there.

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