“The Rock”.

Although the heathens do rage it will not bring victory so it's no use
Humans still lag behind in their Morals which leaves them with ineffective tools.
today many have failed in this Life Because of faith that Most didn't have
Sure many went down on their knees But at true Faith couldn't stand the stare.
these practices still exist today only now the lies fit upon Us like a coat
Mustn't expect to sail over sinful waters Full of lies makes too heavy to float.
It is true not much will Be standing not when Jah's presence comes near
We know some of Jah's creation will in reverence gladly Bow to show Love and Fear.
Then,there is the devil and his followers of pride which will lead to their fall
For when Truth knocks on the door no Faith is Home so unanswered is the call.
We should remember that with Time it waits upon No Woman or Man
so let's keep in the right Our deeds throughout this short Life span.
Today satan's building false hopes of starting this world anew
He has no need of Jah's faithful only wicked will Be in His crew.
it will Be of no use all the unholy building going on in outer space
Seeing Man is not the Creator of Life no ungodly will stand no matter the race.
This thought should run thru Humans heads as they imitate capt.kirk and mr.spock
When this whole world is laid waste,Only One will Be standing for Jah is The Rock! Amen

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