The Romancing Wind

It admires its performance, as it whirls all about, alluring the young girl's move
Gently pressing her clothing against her body, revealing a form of beauty and mood

So willowy it plucks the leaves from the maple, and bobs them gently around and above
With fingers so soft, it touches the flesh, setting its feel for love

It teases the locks of the golden-haired maiden, as it tosses them to and fro
And around her neck it brushes her flesh, and causes her face to glow

The young man gains his confidence, as it whispers in his ear
And he steals her kiss delight, as it puffs his words into her heart, with sounds that only she could hear

It knows her deepest thrill, as it drifts across her skin so fair
And provokes a shiver to flow up her spine, as she so pertly shakes the air

The couple's thoughts, enticed with honeysuckle, as in the forest the fragrance blows
And hand in hand they walk the path, that only lovers know

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