The roots of the leaves

Straight from the biblical passage , it's political madness , government clashes , uneducationcal classes brainwashed , and the rest of the confused masses , are like little kids that can't solve their issues  , so they decide to grab ratchets , we should know better than anyone , what usually happens , especially when many of our loved ones lie ,in their own caskets ,fighting fire with fire you realize your burning everything to ashes , getting caught up in all this mess, basically defined by a piece a plastic and the man is still bugging out , steady asking , can you tell me what's happening ? the way I see it , they are  nothing but animals or  baby's in pampers, who either think they got all the answers or get treats just for a being a happy  camper,they call themselves , happy slaves , with expensive suits ,I call them  mindless slaves with extensive roots , or rather naves with fine silks and luxury boots , it's more so with chains right on the ankle of there shoes , they figure I minds well look good if I have nothing to lose . Mindless   creators, mindless fools , searching for priceless jewels , making the same moves , helping mold the artificial maker , thinking they are making  many differences in the world just because they  are making paper . I'm no less than you , I'm nothing major , Im not even trying to do you a favor , but if it's one thing I learned, if you got the data , why not share via beta. Now look at yourself ? Are you happy ? Are you seriously happy ? Not halfway crappy and no in between , are you really a truly positive being ? Do you really say what you mean ? Have you kept your hands clean ?  . The man looks over , towering over his shoulder , I have felt much  pain ,you see , I walk with light, as the cloud does with the rain . He laaugh and says , you must be lost , no matter how hard the life, no matter how high the cost u should still be happy you even got the right to be lost  , now listen up , im not gonna say this twice , you are a man of pure energy , essence and all and even though you miss you still get another chance to shoot the ball , and even when it's all done , you can still take that feeling with you , like a bullet of a gun.  Use it whenever you want to , pull the trigger whenever you want ,  but be mindful, everyone isn't your ally , some are even scum. ignore them or they will leave you blind; worth nothing and usually a waste of time .You move forward  , until you have chosen the right path to follow ,,then keep your concentrating strong ,  your eyes straight and narrow , right  on the prize , alter urself , compromise , be truthful , no silly lies ,live freely and continuously like a shape with no sides .,although I'm note even  sure if thats  proper to say , who I am to tell you how to change your ways . For my thoughts are no different from your own, were nothing but distant rocks between stones, I don't even know, not even the direction in which the winis being blown . Well let me enlighten you on the sweetest  contradiction a man has ever known. But I have nothing else left to give ? wish u did ,    But anyways, life is small and even so big , that even the roots, the branches ands the  twigs, have a life to live

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