The rose

A woman was walking by an rose. When the rose opened up itself.

The woman looked at the rose and wondered why the rose had opened itself, when she walked by. The rose answered back:

-I am you, and you are me. That day, when you realize that every living soul is as beautiful as the rose, it shall be the most comfortable day in your life. Full of wonder and lust. As precious as an rose.

The woman, walked by and talked to herself.

-What if, I am like the rose, and the rose like me? What if, I have the same beauty as the rose, and the rose like me? What if there is no difference between me and the rose? That realisation will be the most beautiful day of my life!

What if every woman, is as the rose? Sometimes closed and sometimes open? Sometimes red, other times a shadow of the real beauty of the rose? Sad and down?

What if every woman, behaved as the rose? Sometimes warm, sometimes “cold”? Totally natural. What an wise rose, to complete my day.

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