The Rose of an Angel

I hear a sweet, angelic song
Like the Rose of an old saint’s soul
For it is not short, yet it is not long
But it seems to make me whole
Oh! I cry, please, sing it just once more!
But no sound is heard, just the oceans roar;
I stand and wait, but to no avail
I must journey, I must set sail

The oceans are rapid, oh, yes, they are!
‘Twas tumultuous thunder, that I heard from afar;
I prayed, maybe, just the song would return,
Oh, the help is needed, for my lessons are learned
The Rose smelled sweetly, at last! Help has arrived!
The song played and played, and we danced and we jived.

Towards the shore, we were heading
No storm, just slow and steady
We finally came to realize
That the song that we heard was a blessing in disguise
We reached land, and we wondered what helped us through the ocean’s hills,
But we realized ‘twas the Rose of the Angels.

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