The Rude Dragon

Sit right back. Let me tell you a tale.
One when Kylie and me finished chopping kale.
Kylies" dragon's favorite food.
He comes in acting all big and bad. But his
actions are nothing but rude.
He opened his mouth and got us mad.
This is what happened. It's funny! Not sad.
We're sitting at the table. Enjoying a cup of Java.
When in walks Kylies' dragon spewing
nothing but lava.
I said Hey you dragon! Don't bring your butt over here.
'Cause I'm one bad Gtamma. Let me make
myself clear!
I'll tie your wings together. Wrap a rope
around your snout. Send you back home.
No more lurking about.
Embarrassed and sulking. with your head
hanging low.Go your
cave. So no one will know.
You got your butt whooped. Tied up and spanked.
By one Badass Gramma. Who can't be out ranked.

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