The Rule (Ben)der

I was at a restaurant waiting for my date
Shows up two hours late
He comes in and he greets me with a hi
With such an unfriendly welcome I was ready to say goodbye

Did anyone ever teach him what a handshake is?
He tried to do it with spit in his
We're making small talk and he isn't looking me in the eye
I have never met such an ignorant guy

Halfway through dinner, he stops to look at his phone
Just some advice don't do that unless you plan to live alone
He drops his steak on his lap making an annoyed face
If he had his napkin on his lap this wouldn't be the case

When the check came I saw he had no cash
He looked at me and said ¨You ready to dash?¨
The problem is not that he's the man
It's just if you invite someone to dinner you should have a better plan

I paid the bill
He said ¨Next time, I will.¨
I said ¨This will never happen again¨
I got up, grabbed my purse and said ¨See you never Ben.¨

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