The S-Word

The S-word
Ticker starts to strike as it gush, tenderness
Why he shows me that? I don't know
Like gets far, but doesn't get the ticker struck, bitterness
Why do I have that? I don't know
Rude gets you nowhere, but locked out, hurtfulness
Why does it exist? I don't know
Care is the core of plenty, selflessness
Why he loves that? I don't know
Bicker aids our bloom, forgiveness
Why is that important? I don't know
Chuckling leads to our character, commonness
Why are we so alike? I don't know
Space stops the ticker until next time, togetherness
Why do we separate? I don't know
Ticker feeling safe, but where's the key, secureness
Why does he have it? I don't know
Never sharing his ticker with anyone, insecureness
Why does he still want me? I don't know
Ticker is fully buried in this connection, foreverness
Why do I feel this way, I finally ask
His lips answer with the words, "my special"

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