The Sad Caterpillar

I am a caterpillar and I am sad.
I am not special--my life is bad.
I want to make myself feel good.
I will look for answers in my neighborhood.

If I were a flower I would smell sweet.
I think that life would be really neat.
"Not so," said the flower, "I may be sweet,
But, I cannot move upon my feet."

If I were a bumblebee I could fly
And smell the flowers as I went by.
"Not so," said the bee, "I sure can sway,
But, I must work, I cannot play."

If I were a bird I would be free,
To raise my young up in a tree.
"No so," said the bird, "I sleep in a nest
And that kind of home is not the best."

Then a butterfly came floating by
And said, "Don't be sad and I will try
To explain that you will be just like me
When you grow up, just wait and see."

Not a flower, a bee or even a bird,
Can make me special, or so I've heard.
I need to grow up and there might be
A chance for me to be happy.

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