The Sad Good-Bye

Relationships must come to an end
And I think our end has extended.
I didn't want to believe it and I denied it everyday
But seeing you happy as can be
Made it obvious you're better off without me
Looking at you seeing your face
Makes me believe I am a disgrace
Trying to pick up all the pieces
I realized that doing so made you dislike me even more
I said many times and I'll say it again
I'm sorry for not being there as your companion
Friendships, relationships all go to shit
As we turn on each other with only good-byes
Too much has been going on in such little time
I swear it feels like yesterday you were mine
Tears and the past seem to fade away
Just knowing you're happy makes me feel okay
I know you're sick and I know you're tired
I don't know if I can say bye without shedding a tear
But if this what makes you happy
Then tears must be shed
And the good-byes must be said
Now I know our relationship is a lost soul
I hope you're happy I won't bug you anymore
As I say it till this day and I hate that it's true
But I can't be happy unless I'm with you

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