The Sad Little Girl

She was never someone’s first priority
Matter of fact, she was abused by the majority

Since birth she’s felt like a game piece
Like her life was just a lease

They say God has been with her every step of the way
On her knees, crying “Take This Away”, she’d pray

In a world that never felt like home
Instead she sits home isolated, writing her life away in a sad poem

The middle of a snowstorm, her mom kicked her out
In a hurry she grabbed her things and realized that love was without

End of the work night , she gets a call, to the floor she falls
As devastation clouds, her highschool boyfriend died that night, time began to stall

The day of the funeral, she was the last to leave, as she walked up and touch him one last time
She wondered when there would be a break in the heartbreaking climb

God has a plan they say
She still didn’t understand, even after she prayed

Noone understood her heart
They looked the other way from the very start

How dare those souls that didn’t handle her heart with care
Look what you’ve done! How dare you just stare!

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