The Sad Turtle

Hey there little turtle, why do you look so down?
A beautiful day outside, you're still alive and breathing.
What's wrong there dear? Why must you wear that frown?
You have many friends who are waiting for your meeting.

Little turtle, hey little guy, please come out of your shell.
You have to remember all the blessings that are around.
I know I know, there's time you just don't feel very well.
But the fight to be better is a beautiful sight and sound.

Come here little turtle, you must become strong.
There will be times you will be left behind in the dust.
That's not a bad thing, it is nothing wrong.
It's just for yourself, you will have to adjust.

Little turtle please won't you listen to my words?
I hate to see you so curled up and bottled inside.
I know to you this may all sound absurd.
I just want you to come outside and not hide.

Little turtle I hear you, I know you're hurt.
I'm only here to help you to your feet.
I swear I won't turn my back or push you in the dirt.
I will not stand by and let you accept defeat.

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