The Saga of a Rheumatoid Artist

I have these vibrant visions in my head
Of purples, oranges, yellows, and red
I reach for my paintbrush to put it all down
suddenly, the pain swells, a sigh, then a frown
No, I scream! This can not be!
I want people to see what it is that I see...
The beautiful flowers, trees, and lakes
Just a few minutes is all that it takes,
but there will be no painting today
The pain is too much I'm afraid, no way
I despise this disease that they call RA
Why can't there be a pill to take it all away?
I ask myself, How can this be?
I can't even paint a few leaves on my tree!
So this is my life with severe Rheumatoid
Oh how I wish, this deep pain I could avoid!
You will not rob me of this gift of mine!
This is my blessing straight from the Divine!
Through my faith in God, He will show me how
So I pick up my brush, with a slightly quirked brow
I start painting, and quickly, what do I see?
Beautiful oranges and yellows on my new autumn tree!
Yes I did it! Through God's wonderful Grace!
All of those colors, my wonderful gift, I embrace!
I vow to never allow for RA to rob me,
This is my gift! Shall I now paint a sea?

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