The Saltwater Temptress

Frivolous lifeguards attract fervent splashes
Rough seas dominate affection
The steadfast sun is encouraged to
pursue adventure west of the pragmatic ocean
Sunburns resolve to seek benevolence
Don't you love lavishing down by the pier
A hero’s crusade diving down legs straight arms tucked
Romance teases the cold surfboard’s mate
Raindrops trickle onto the sea’s profligate landscape
Seashell jewelry exchanged for cheap attachment
Flimsy castles fall victim to the riptide rascal
In the distance is a blood curdling scream
In the distance is flailing and a sight yet to be seen
In the distance is a young boy who went too far
In a distance is oblivious fun in the sun
Look mother, look sister, look father,
Another victim has once again fallen
to the waves of the saltwater temptress

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