The Same, but Different

There are times when the words I write
don't really seem wrong or right.
They are words we've heard all our days
and their sounds sometimes puts us in a daze.
There are words that take our thoughts up the stairs
and others that leave us with a blank stare.
Words can cause deep emotions to pour
though some refelct our feeling very poor.
The purpose of words are to be spoken and read
but the order can sometimes leave a face red.
No honors for my writing, have I ever won
but notes to my emotions represent each one.
Who cares that I awake in the morning at four
and who knows what purpose I am writing for?
Words can be powered as wings of a bee
words can describe what we want to be.
Words are yours, they are mine, they are ours.
They are available anywhere, and all hours.
More valuable than a word is a phrase everyone knows
but what it could be is not under my nose.
Words can be read by fingers, ears and the eye
and it is words, that connect you and I.
With paper and pen, my heart will reign
when words pour down from heaven like rain.

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