the Savior's birth

The night was far spent
Darkness was the order of the day
Grossly taking over the righteous acts of men
All hope was being tried
As gold in the fire
and lost was our grip on positive living
As though creation was a mistake
in that day a saviour was badly needed

Then was it foretold
How a virgin will be with child
A divine orchestration
With no earthly DNA involved
And was sealed
with the commitment of the almighty

Oh man !
why think it impossible with God to do these?
The maker of man is no man at all
Never even Him with man
The Holy One of Israel
Is not a Word gambler
All He says are sure words
a bond so trustworthy
fulfilment did come
a child was born
a son was given
and the government was upon His shoulders
embraced by the manger
yet royal in all sense of the Word
This loyal birth of low degree never hindered his royal destiny signalled

Of a Truth
I say of a Truth
as it stirs awe in me to know
that Where you were born
as unto a manger
is no match to who was born when you where born
as unto royalty
He was born of a woman
As man in a rescue mission
Growing triumphantly
out of a dry ground
like a tender plant
The manger shows His humility
For us to identify with

he came,saw and conquered
producing trophies of testimonies in us

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This Poems Story

it tells the story of a darkness filled world so submerged in hopelessness that she needed help she couldn't give,this prompted the the intervention of the Almighty above to send her a rescue