The Scale's

This world is made up of things we shall never understand,
Right,left,yin and yang.
Do they both mean the same?
They are the scale's that hold everything even,
Like the turning of the seasons,
The rain,the snow,lighting,the thunder.....
Does the mysterious make you wonder?
The sand,the sea,sun,the moon,
Heaven or Hell we shall see one soon..
Caught between the two colors of life,
First there is black then there is white,
In life if not careful you will loose sight,


The birds,the bee's,the flower's,and the tree's
Hours that passed you lost in the middle,
That you can't get back, your mind is to brittle,
Minutes that went by--
Wasted on foolish decisions..
Through out your life...Leaving questions...


Where is my husband,or where is my wife.
Once again the scales come into to play,
They rule your night, they rule your day...
Keep life on that even level...
The scale's are to keep you safe from your
personal DEVIL...
No matter what it is that makes up this world,
Unanswered questions will never be told,
Not in a secret,not in a sound,
Don't wonder through life wondering what to do..
They have always been there telling you,
Live life honest,to your self be true,
Keep the scale's even...


Knowing what will happen on any given day,
Watch your words and how them you may say..
You never know whats coming for you next ..
The scale's they can tilt at any given time..
Hurt feelings on day you to may find...
Live on the line that keeps the colors together,
You could always fall into darkness forever..
Its hard to get back on a level plain..
RESPECT the SCALE"S all that they hold..
So in the future,your story to may be told.

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A message ..I learned from an elder