The Scarlet Letter “A”

A symbol of guilt, sin, shame and pain,
to scorn one's life, in an effort to defame.
It stands out like a light, in the dark of night,
its bright red color give the stars much delight.
A representation of what's good and bad,
conflicted in my thoughts, at times I am sad.
Living a life that's full of illusions,
while spinning around in a whirlwind of confusion.
Time after time, I question where I stand,
soon to realize, I must accept God's given plan.
I must confess, that life has its ups and downs,
but as I move forward, I must stand my ground.
Life gives us trials and tribulations too,
leaving me wondering what I should do.
At times I see what I'm destined to truly be,
like a bird in a cage that wants to be free.
My guilty pleasures have bound me to sin,
I must look deep inside of me to find peace within.
Wait, what's that I hear in the dark silent night?
My precious baby, not far from my sight,
a reminder of the good times, and a love so true,
my sweet baby girl, I do love you.
The scarlet letter a symbol of guilt, sin and shame,
was meant to torment me and bring me much pain.
But once I was set free, I discovered the real me,
the "A" represented the person that I was destined to be.

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This Poems Story

I am a retired utility manager who is married with three children and nine grandchildren. My interest in writing poetry peaked after my retirement in April of 2013. To date, I have written thirty-five poems, in a variety of poetic styles. However, this is my first time entering an official contest. As an avid communicator, with an interest in reading, I have also made attempts at analyzing the literature that I read. My poem "The Scarlet Letter 'A'" was my first attempt at creating a poem based on my interpretation of the book by Nathaniel Hawthorne.