The Screen Door

Mornings are beautiful at the screen door!
Trees swaying with the gentle breeze
Birds are chirping their hello
Noise of a busy street - steady zoom of cars

Apartment life across the way - yard sales just beginning
Balloons bouncing on a sign proclaiming move-in special of the week
Nearby stores abuzz with their business
A man on his daily walk - lost in thought, but still waves

Mother walks with her daughter-backpack dangling a Dora keychain
Two ladies stride by, discussing evening plans, or last night's secrets
Ladybug lands on a budding flower
Motorcycle roars by, startling a passing dog

Garbage truck noisily approaches
School buses go by, faces pressed to the windows
Familiar cars parked in driveways
A waiting bench in the yard calls my name

Standing at my screen door, a daily life unfolds
The corner house with a perfect view of stories daily told
Looking up at the blue sky, poignant memories of others at this door
A past generation of observation, by those who stood here before

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