The Screen

Why do I stare at my screen until my eyes burn?
It doesn't make much sense.
I send pictures on Snapchat only to get a picture of feet in return,
But I guess it's it's social in my defense.

My friends come over to do nothing but sit on their phones;
We don't talk much.
I sit there wide eyed until my stomach groans,
But it's okay because last time I ate was yesterday at lunch.

I find these fun games that have me hooked.
It's all a waste of time.
I know I should delete it and crack open a book,
But the thought of reading makes me sour as a lime.

I want to put down my phone and enjoy life.
Maybe today I'll bike to the store.
The screen on my phone nurtures so much strife,
But I keep going back because I need a little more.

The internet is a dangerous place.
I know more than I should.
It shoves all this vulgar material right in my face,
But I just won't put it down, even though I could.

I want to put my phone away, but...

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