The Scribe’s Tool

The Scribe’s Tool

Stylus, you, thought bearer,
lent self to Shakespeare
to scribble and drill his craft to perfection,
empowered Newton to Principia,
cornerstone of modern engineering.
Both attired well. Guiding
Jefferson to drill, erase and tinker,
he spelled Inalienable Rights
and cut off bondage. Garfield’s
passion for learning fulfilled,
scribbling on a spade.

Time and again, regenerate scribbling
media, charcoal to quill pen …
to digital scribbler, metamorphosed
without a shrink.

You’re always first lesson learned &
earliest recorder of the birth and girth
of innovation, history’s
indelible benchmark!

Now , see your degradation , from
desecration, when Stylar clumps dump
in food wastes. I, in a somber mood,
moan and groan.
Yet, I weep.

And yet again, preponderance of
this equipment is deserving but
ubiquity of litter is not -
a paradox all by itself.

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